Flex Carbon


The Flex Carbon construction is a revolutionary combination of modern and traditional board construction. The Flex Carbon construction combines a stringer-less polyurethane foam core that is laminated by hand using ultra light biaxial and unidirectional carbon, fibreglass cloth and the best quality epoxy resin. This industry first further reinforces Starboards relentless quest of creating the most innovative and performance- driven surfboards.


Flex Carbon is built from a stringer-less traditional Polyurethane foam (PU) core. Starboard has tried and tested a variety of different densities of foam depending on the desired weight, flex and compressional stability. By having a traditional PU foam core, we have been able to match the flex components of a traditional build by removing the stringer and perfecting the use of different fiber patterns.


In order to find the key to achieving a flex pattern that is equal and in some instances better than that seen in a normal PU Board, our development team underwent a rigorous testing process to find the perfect combination of fiber orientations, carbon strengths and outer/inner densities. With the introduction of this unique technology comes the launch of three progressive shapes: Black Magic, Flying V and Anaconda.



A full top-deck of our premium biaxial carbon fibres combined with our high- grade expanding epoxy resin gives all Flex Carbon boards a superior strength to normal PU boards. Extra reinforcement patches have been strategically placed around each board to improve its over all strength and durability.