The Ultra shape is the ultimate small wave fun board. Transform even the weakest, smallest wave into a rippable skate park. Designed primarily for surfers in locations prone to small surfing conditions. The ULTRA is something simple, fun and easy to ride.

Board Specs:

A flatter entry rocker for increased wave count and extra width, which has an increased planning area to improve drive to carry through flat sections. The carbon construction adds extra life and flex, making the board extremely fast and responsive. Features a quad setup for increased speed and improved maneuverability.

Ideal Wave Size:

Designed to be ridden in ankle to chest high surf by intermediate to advanced riders, suitable for all levels.

Key Features:

1. Flat entry rocker for increased paddle power
2. Extra width for planning and lift through flat sections 3. Quad fin set up for speed and looseness
4. Carbon construction using Active Stringer
5. From as light as 2.5kg


  • Features a Quad-fin setup
  • FCS II fin boxes with conversion kit
  • Comes without fins

Stock Dimensions and Volumes:



Tech & Features


The patent pending internal ACTIVE system creates performance through flex.

The flexibility of the board is adjusted by using different fiber orientations, carbon strengths and outer/inner foam core densities. These elements fine tune the board’s ability to flex and return.

The ACTIVE system features a laminated STARFLEX carbon corecell stringer. The stringer is suspended through the center of the board between two high memory polypropylene layers. This acts like a dynamic spring allowing the shell laminate to flex freely but preventing hyperflexion under extreme load.


The system features a carbon stringer suspended through the center of the board between two high memory polypropylene layers.