The mini mal is known for being a beginner to intermediate shape and often the next step for someone trying to drop some length from their first longboard.

These boards give you an incredibly fun shape that gives you the turning ability of a board much shorter while still being stable and agile.

The AST Wood version brings a traditional feel to the boards while being durable at the same time.

Key Features:

1. Easy to paddle
2. Stable yet performance orientated 3. Suits all round conditions
4. Ast sandwich construction

Mini Mal compared to Longboard:

1. Shorter length, giving better turning ability and performance
2. Suited for all ability levels
3. Fun bridge board between Hybrid and Longboard for all conditions.


7’6 x 21” x 2 3⁄4” Volume : 48 | 7’2” x 21 x 2 1⁄2” Volume : 42


– Surfinz Universal Z finbox system – FCS compatible thruster set up.
– Hexcel core
– Light weight

– Standard Flex/stiffness

Tech & Features