Starboard’s take on the Tomo revolution and is rapidly becoming the favorite alternative board in the world. It has a clean straighter outline allowing the board to perform in all types of conditions. The Anaconda is designed off the premise that boards don’t need a nose outline and, in fact, if we chop the nose off, the board will perform equally as well as one with a nose. The concept is simple, the board is loose and extremely fun to ride.


Board Specs:

This board has flatter rocker throughout the whole outline. The bottom consists of a deep channel-like double concave combined with slight lift in the tail, allowing the board to release when needed. Ridden a few inches smaller than your traditional short board for a performance feel.


Ideal wave size:

Designed to be ridden in medium to head-high surf for entry level, intermediate and advanced riders.


Key Features:

  1. Straighter Outline for increased planning and lift through flat sections
  2. Flatter Rocker throughout the whole outline for increased speed
  3. Swallow Tail for extra release and drive off the tail
  4. Deep channel like double concave combined withslight lift in the tail
  5. Flex Carbon construction using premium biaxial carbon fibers
  6. From as light as 2.75kgs



  • Features a Quad-fin set-up
  • FCS II fin boxes with conversion kit
  • Comes without fins

Stock dimensions and volumes:

Tech & Features


Flex Carbon is built from a stringer-less traditional Polyurethane foam (PU) core. Starboard has played around with a variety of different densities of foam depending on the desired weight, flex and compressional stability. By having a traditional PU foam core, we have been able to match the flex components of a traditional build by removing the stringer and perfecting the use of different fiber patterns.


In order to find the key to achieving a flex pattern that is equal and in some instances better than that seen in a normal PU Board, our development team underwent a rigorous testing process to find the perfect combination of fiber orientations, carbon strengths and outer/inner densities. With the introduction of this unique technology comes the launch of three progressive shapes: Black Magic, Flying V and Anaconda.