The AST Wood 9’3 longboard is designed with the fundamentalist longboarder in mind. These boards bring a traditional, logging feel but with a modern edge.

Place a big single fin in the back box and you have a board that turns well and is ideal for walking and spending time on the nose.

Key features:

1.Traditional all round design
2. Flatter bottom curve for planing on smaller waves
3. Increased volume and surface area for maximum walking 4. Ast sandwich construction

9’3 compared to 9’1:

1. Fuller nose for increased nose riding
2. Rounded pin for looseness
3. Better suited for traditional and all round surfing


9’3” x 22 1⁄2” x 2 3⁄4” Volume : 65


– Surfinz Universal Z finbox system – Surf 10inch Box
– FCS compatible
– Hexcel core

– Light weight
– Standard Flex/stiffness
– Side fins – Depth 90mm/Base 85mm
– Middle fin – Depth 170mm/Base 125mm

Tech & Features