Zane wins the 2014 Master of the Ocean!

Zane wins the 2014 Master of the Ocean!

DATE 07 | 03 | 2014

Zane Schweitzer is the new 2014 Master Of the Ocean Champion!

This event, hosted in the Dominican Republic, was made for Zane since it was a true waterman’s event with competition in surf, sup, windsurf and kiting, and showcasing what an overall well rounded water athlete Zane truly is.  He not only is the Champion but he won 3 out of 4 of the divisions, taking home 1st place in surfing, sup, and windsurfing!  And to top it off, he also won the Expression Session in both Surf and Stand up!!

Check out what Zane had to say about his time at the Master of the Ocean event:

Every day we were at the beach competing all day in all four different sports; surfing and stand up paddle surfing in the morning, then once the wind picks up around 1, straight into Windsurfing and Kitesurfing! A perfect day in my eyes!!

I was so impressed with all the local athletes like Brandan, Dauri, Manuel, Luciano, Michal and many more who could compete at such a high level in all the sports! It is rare to find such talent in all sports. Here in Cabarete it is such an ideal place to master ocean sports, and the whole town revolves around the surf and ocean culture!!

I got to start of the event great advancing through all the divisions and having non stop action for the 6 day event! I came into this event a bit nervous about the kite surfing part since I have not practiced much or even kited more than a half dozen times in my life!! I ended up placing 3rd in my first kite heat but it was still enough to give me a great start into the event and stay in contention for the overall win, even though I did not make the Kite final!

After 6 full days of competition and non stop multi sport action I was finally starting to feel a bit tired, after so many full action packed days of competition and event gatherings after the end of every days competition.

I ended up finishing 1st place in three of four of the divisions – 1st in Stand Up Paddle, 1st in Surf and 1st in the Windsurfing Division! At the last ceremony and closing party the tension was tight between all the athletes, everyone eager to hear what the overall standings were and who would be crowned the 2014 Master of the Ocean!  They also announced the winners of the Team event and the Expression Sessions, I placed 1st the Expression Surf and  1st in the Expression Session for Stand Up Paddle! For the team portion of the event, I had a awesome team with Caroline Surf, Denny JoOrd’dan and Fiona Wylde! Fiona competed in the Kiting making it all the way to the team final, Caroline also killed it making it far in the Team Surf, Denny is a local windsurf ripper and he killed it in the team Windsurf for us, and I made 1st in the Team Stand Up Paddle which overall put us in 3rd for the Team event!!! Everyone knew it was really tight between Francisco, Luciano and I for the Overall title.  Luciano is a multiple Master of the Ocean Champion and Francisco Porcella killed it in the event and made it to the finals  of all four of the divisions. After everything was tallied up though,  my three 1st place finishes was just enough to make me the 2014 Master of The Ocean!!!  It was an epic event and truly one of the highlights of my career because I got to compete in every sport I love as an overall Waterman.


Zane Kekoa Schweitzer


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